Magenta : Home 2019 Limited Edition / + ORIGINAL 2006 "New York Suite" CD


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Limited Edition Home 2019 CD

1.This Life 2.Hurt 3.Moving On 4.My Home Town 5.Brave New Land 6.The Journey 7.Towers Of Hope 8.Demons 9.Morning Sunlight 10.Joe 11.The Dream 12.The Visionary 13.Journey’s End 14.The Traveller’s Lament 15.Home

PLUS the Original 2006 CD Release of MAGENTA : The New York Suite

(Very Limited Copies) ( these are 14 years old, and have ageing on the staples of the booklet...CD and paper parts are perfect...and comes sealed)

1.Arrival 2.Home From Home 3.White Lies 4.Truth 5.This Life (reprise)